Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5-2-09_Point Park University Graduation

Here are some photos I took at the Point Park Graduation for the class of 2009.

As a note "It's over 9000" refers to:

Also my friend Kris Radder (the graduate taking photos) can be found at
I posted a photo I took of him last year when I was assisting in his Studio Photography class taught by Tom Bell who is also shown in this post (he has a flash on his camera)

My other photographer friend, Jack Megaw, who can be seen in the 5th and 6th photos can be found at

Seeing so many friends graduate like this was a little rough, like, Adam Flanagan who can be seen in the second to last photo (and last photo) has been going to the same schools as I have since Elementary School, and except for a few misplaced years we've been only a year apart. At the end I put a photo of him I took in 2005 when I photographed him in Parade, he was an actor back then.

I also attached a Photo of Dave Prokopec who I took a photo of Painting back in High School (2004), and now he makes amazing Music Videos

Just to name a few of the people here.

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