Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pillow Project Shoot_Beth Retas_Kaylin Horgan

This is a series I photographed for The Pillow Project.
(Pittsburgh, PA)

I worked with Artistic Director of The Pillow Project, Pearlann Porter, Stylist Donovan Wilburn as well as Pillow Project dancers Beth Retas and Kaylin Horgan to create this series.

This was a study on time through light and dance.

The innovative use of projection as shown in this series is part of what placed them in the Top 25 To Watch for 2010 by Dance Magazine:

Pearlann Porter

Pearlann Porter transforms dreams into artistry via The Pillow Project, her Pittsburgh-based multimedia hothouse launched in 2004. The focused, articulate choreographer versed in jazz and rhythm tap brainstorms with in-house video and sound designers while working with her improv-savvy dancers. Porter’s daring generates hip, installation-style happenings and socially conscious dance-theater staged in her loft studio. “Every time I think of Pillow Project as a ‘dance company,’ I try to break that mold,” says Porter, who was born in Hollywood and raised in New Jersey.

Porter’s interest in classic rock ’n’ roll inspired the energetic Concept Album Tour (2005), while an obsession with The White Stripes opened doors for the relentless, sexy, and humorous Striped (2006). Last season’s Orwellian Twenty Eighty-Four, a dark, pseudo-mystical journey, combined earthbound movement with ethereal video design. In 2010, Porter delves into perceptions of time in a comic book–style layout in her cerebral, abstract new work Paper Memory. —Karen Dacko

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