Monday, July 4, 2011

Dance Series_Texture Contemporary Ballet

Texture Contemporary Ballet is an up and coming dance group that is originating out of Pittsburgh, PA. It is just in the early stages of it's life and has put together such a great group of dancers. Many of the dancers went to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (PBT) for many years of training, and now many of them are off involved with companies such as Nashville Ballet, Ballet Met, Cincinnati Ballet, Bodiography, Columbus Dance Theatre, Ballet Theatre of Maryland, Charlottesville Ballet, American Ballet Theatre and Ballet Austin.

The company members include:
Alan Obuzor - Artistic Director - Choreographer - Dancer
Kelsey Bartman - Choreographer - Dancer
Erin Halloran - Choreographer
Gabriel Gaffney Smith - Music Composer - Choreographer - Dancer
Shannon Biery - Dancer
Alana Gergerich - Dancer
Elysa Hotchkiss - Dancer
Mara Mandradjieff - Dancer
Sarah Obuzor - Dancer
Summer Reed - Dancer
Gabby Thurlow - Dancer
Eva Trapp - Dancer
Ashley Reade Wegman - Dancer
Edward Carr - Dancer
James Gilmer - Dancer

It was really great working with them.

They have their first concert July 8th and 9th, 2011 at the New Hazlett Theatre.

Check out their facebook page for more information:

More photos of them can be found on my facebook page:
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