Saturday, April 4, 2009

3-25-09_Kassandra Taylor_Dance Jazz Class_GRW2

3-25-09_Kassandra Taylor ( Jazz class_GRW2

This was a fairly interesting class for me to photograph for several reasons...
  • Kassandra was filling in for Kiesha Lalama-White.
  • Kassandra graduated from Point Park only a few years ago and I could see some of her influences in choreography and warm-up etc.
  • That Monday Kassandra had filled in for my Jazz teacher, Niala, so I had already done her warm-up and one of her combinations myself, so I had a feeling of her movements and could kind of feel where things were going.
It was really interesting taking her Jazz class myself I could feel some of her influences from Pearlann, with her dots and dashes thing. And then in the warm-up and the conduct of the class I could feel influences from Kiesha etc.

Photographing her teaching a much more advanced Jazz dance class was really interesting for me conceptually.

Anyhow here are a few photos I shot from that dance class:

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