Thursday, April 2, 2009

3-27_30-09_NYC interning at Lois Greenfield studios workshop

3-27_30-09_NYC interning at Lois Greenfield studios workshop

First of all NYC was awesome, I learned so much from Lois Greenfield, Aaron, Matthew Karas, Yi-Chun and Jack Deaso.

My plan is to go back and intern with them this summer for a few weeks to hopefully learn a whole lot more.

Anyhow the weekend mostly consisted of throwing fabric and blowing the fan to make the dancers hair and clothes make pleasing lines for the 7 photographers at the workshop to shoot. 7 out of the 8 models (4 each day) came from the Amy Marshall Dance company which can be seen here as photographed by Lois Greenfield:

One of the photographers at the workshop was David Cooper who lives in Vancouver and has some pretty awesome photography check it out at

Also Saturday night most of us from the workshop went to see Elliot Feld's "Ballet Tech" at the Joyce Theatre, which I must say the dancers did an awesome job at. There were some really interesting concepts. The first piece where large industrial fans that blew around tons of ripped up pieces of paper around a huge netted area with a dancer inside. Another piece had the dancer lighting himself with 2 LED lights in both hands, he himself controlled all the shadows and highlights that were visible to the audience. And me having really been involved in figure drawing for the last few years, I absolutely loved it. And the last piece I just cracked up. Yi-Chun shot some photos of that last part here:
And then after I got to meet Elliot Feld, which was really cool.

Also on my trip I just happened to be near a flea market in NYC right across from my hotel and ran into Mike Reffie who owned one of the original (18 or 19 I think he said) A-Team Vans which was used in at least several episodes. I was kind of in awe when he drove off in that van (see photo below.)

So here are a few photos right from my cell phone.

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