Friday, April 10, 2009

4-8-09_Ernie Tolentino_Ballet_201

4-8-09_Ernie Tolentino_Ballet_201

Here one of the overlying themes in my work that I am trying to expand upon is free association and working on my subjective components ie Carl Jung. I find that it can be very freeing to do this in a dance class and trying to free the eye.

A more specific theme that I thought was interesting on this particular day was the framing of oneself in the setting one is in. I usually take one or 2 (with myself in the photo) to frame myself in my surroundings, but this time I found myself looking in the mirror and seeing myself more. Therefore I had to make (mostly) conscious decisions as to whether to include or hide myself. Maybe the other day more than normal because I had a long discussion with Pearlann the day before discussing different concepts including self observation. I was telling her how I had made a few 7 to 10 minute observational movies (just done on my camera phone) of myself just sitting in the cafe or sitting at Mama Lucias, looking at where my eyes would go, how I would react to the people and things around me, and she brought it further and talked about mannerisms of how people sit and talk and react with each other. She talked more about taking their everyday mannerisms out of context and into one of isolation, and how that can be very telling of a person. How some people lay their arms on the table while others fidget constantly etc. For me... seeing those mannerisms within the context of other people, of myself and others, and the relationships to each other, within the photograph, could provide some interesting results.

Pearlann and I had also talked about pointing at things can make things larger in peoples minds even when it is really small on a small photo. So I guess I tried that a little bit here... This is what happens when you work with subjective-components, things that you talked about or noticed just start popping up in your work.

Another observation I have made about my work is the influence of this past summer when I worked with David Story (choreographer, teacher etc.) for several weeks at the Point Park International Summer Dance Intensive, and he consistently pushed me to find those raw moments, the reactions in peoples faces, the rawness that exists out of being with others.

And another theme that I started to work back into my work here was space, in relationship to time, and people flowing through that.

One last theme worth pointing out, that I would like to work more closely with, is the relationship between teacher and student, with instruction and teaching, actions and reactions etc.

So here are a few of the photos I took:

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