Tuesday, April 21, 2009

4-14-09_Kiesha Lalama-White_StarmakersReh_GRW

4-14-09_Kiesha Lalama-White_StarmakersReh_GRW

This was a rehearsal for Starmakers which was held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. There where a few people missing from this rehearsal.

Recently I've been feeling a bit of a separation between me and what is actually going on. Last year I had tried to really close that gap. But in much larger groups it is easier to stay on the outside and still be in close to singular subjects. Also in the smaller class rooms it is a much more intimate environment. Here in the new dance studios it is a bit sterile, and it is very much up to the individual to make it feel like there is that closeness and interaction, and fill up the space. So here I started thinking about that again. When there were more interaction between the dancers and choreographer I moved in, to have more of those moments of interaction back into my work. So with that distance closed a bit I felt more interaction between the dancers and choreographer, and the smaller moments became so much larger to me.

Also it was very interesting because Naila, my Jazz dance teacher this semester was one of the dancers. So it was interesting watching her dance again, and photograph her again.

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