Friday, April 3, 2009

3-25-09_Pearlann Porter_Modern Jazz_GRW4

3-25-09_Pearlann Porter_Modern Jazz_GRW4

This was a really cool class that was sort of open forum, philosophizing about dance, art etc. PJ Roduta (An awesome drummer/ accompanist) talked about him trying out to be a blueman and getting through 3 rounds of elimination but in (I think) the last round he was just too short. He talked all about how they act with their mannerisms etc. which I thought was rather interesting. Then dancers would get up out of the circle and just express themselves through dance. Pearlann even had PJ and I dance for a minute.

Also I work a bit with Pearlann's Dance company called "The Pillow Project" you can check them out here:

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